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Mergener Hof & Doomstar Bookings, Metal Blade & Eisenwald proudly presents:
Dread Sovereign (IR) + The Flight of Sleipnir (US)
on their “Pilgrimage to Doomsdays EU Tour Fall 2022”
Thursday, November 3rd, 2022
Doors: 19:00 o´clock / Show: 20:00 o´clock
@Mergener Hof (Trier, Germany)
Eventim Shop:
It’s a co headliner tour. Both bands will switch every day.
Dread Sovereign:
„DREAD SOVEREIGN“ is the phantom limb of Nemtheanga from PRIMORDIAL, formed almost a decade ago to play nasty, filthy, cryptic, dark, obscure doom with the rotten touch of old school Heavy Metal, think Hellhammer meets Venom, meets Hawkwind and Sabbath.
Their raucous and rough live shows are the thing of scummy dive bar legend! Nemtheanga/Bones and JK are bottom of the barrel Irish dirtbags….make no mistake!!!“
Check out their new Album „Alchemical Warfare“ via Metal Blade Records.
The Flight of Sleipnir:
Formed in the winter of 2007 by David Csicsely and Clayton Cushman.
Sleip∙nir -(slâp’nir) Odin’s eight-legged steed, and the greatest of all horses. The offspring of Loki and the gray stallion Svadilfari, Sleipnir, the swiftest on the earth could bear Odin over sea, through the air, and to and from the land of the dead.
How should we describe their music? It is not pure Doom Metal, but is enriched with Stoner Rock, Folk Metal and Progressive Metal.
The US-Americans “THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR” have taken a full four years to present a successor since their last work „Skadi“ to date. But now the time has come and “Eventide” will see the light of day at the end of May 2021.
– Dread Sovereign –
– The Flight of Sleipnir –
– Dread Sovereign –
– The Flight of Sleipnir –
– Dread Sovereign –

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