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Illinois progressive metal band Born of Osiris are back with the follow up to the acclaimed The Simulation, a frankly face-melting seventh album called “Angel or Alien”. All of the ingredients that made previous efforts so intensely enjoyable are present and correct: inhuman vocals, technically dazzling fretwork, intricate musicianship courtesy of the rhythm section, and epic tunes. But there’s an organic evolution taking place — a progressive progression that has seen the Palatine group take things up a level.
“The Simulation was great,” says co-singer and keyboardist Joe Buras. “I feel like it’s a great precursor to our new record. I think it was a stepping stone because we have a new member, guitarist Nick Rossi, which was a huge change for us as far as writing styles and just having some new life, young blood in the band. Ok we had that stepping stone and I feel like it was received well.”
The lineup is totally settled on “Angel or Alien” — the group has never sounded tighter, perfectly highlighted by forthcoming single and album opener “Poster Child.”
“I think we’ve become a little more structured,” says Buras. “We don’t have to be old school and never repeat a part — we can find themes. We’re not trying to play a million notes a minute. We’re finding our space, and exploring. Let’s not just try to be the heaviest and craziest. Let’s try to sonically be just more pleasing, and focus on what pleases us.”
Line Up:
– Ronnie Canizaro (Vocals)
– Lee McKinney (Guitar)
– Nick Rossi (Bass)
– Cameron Losch (Drums)
– Joe Buras (Keyboard, Synthesizer, Vocals)
For centuries, authors, painters, poets, and filmmakers have sought out the edges of consciousness. Often equally euphoric and nightmarish, the psyche’s outer limits transform into a powerful, albeit fickle muse. While writing their second full-length album Too Far Gone [Rise Records], Cane Hill pushed those limits psychologically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, coming back from the precipice with ten unforgettable stories masquerading as hook-heavy metallic swamp grunge.
A year of insane experiences, the Louisiana quartet
– Elijah Witt (Vocals)
– James Barnett (Guitar)
– Ryan Henriquez (Bass)
– Devin Clark (Drums)
emerge with a dark, disruptive, defiant, and definitive body of work. Whether beautiful, ugly, brilliant, or brutal, each moment elicits a response in the end. “When people hear this, I’d just like them to feel anything.” “You can make mistakes, change, and push forward. The recognition can make you a better person. Don’t let the past define you. That’s the story.”
Since forming in York in 2016 from the ashes of their previous bands, InVisions have become one of the hungriest and most promising bands of the British metalcore scene.
With their full-length debut, Never Nothing released in 2017, InVisions engaged in unrelenting touring across the UK, as well as a slot at Download Festival. Their second album, 2019’s Between You And Me, saw them sign to Stay Sick Recordings and continue to build on their already impressive reputation for heavy intensity, and hitting the road in Europe.
Now InVisions return with their third album, Deadlock, their most complete and ambitious statement to date. Conceived in lockdown and seeing the band take the reins on recording/producer roles, Deadlock had a naturally long gestation period.
Where previously InVisions leaned into heaviness, powering through breakdowns and brutality with a demolition contractor’s expertise, here they wanted to show they have other tools with which to inflict sonic damage. Across its tracks, Deadlock takes a look at loss, frustration and the self-doubt that comes when distractions are at a minimum and life’s question marks begin to loom.
This is Deadlock.


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