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Misþyrming is a black metal band from Reykjavík, Iceland. Since its formation in 2013 the band has made a name for itself within the worldwide metal community, performing at numerous festivals as well as touring around Europe. Their debut album, “Söngvar elds og óreiðu” (Songs of fire and chaos), was released in 2015 to a widespread high critical acclaim. The album was recognised as a punishing and wrathful, yet melodic beast of a black metal album. It landed 9th place on Noisey’s Top 100 albums of the year, outranking artists like their fellow Icelander Björk. The vinyl edition of “Söngvar elds og óreiðu” sold out within 2 days and has since then been highly demanded by fans, regardless of numerous restockings. In 2016, Europe’s biggest metal magazine Metal Hammer named Misþyrming as one of the Top 10 Icelandic bands.
Algleymi, Misþyrming’s sophomore album meets “Söngvar elds og óreiðu” in a proper manner, where sound and song structures show a strong evolvement of the band. It explores new paths, everywhere from blasphemous ceremonies to a total rejection of humanity.
Fans of Misþyrming will recognise “Algleymi” as a logical step up from their debut album, where the relentless brutality and unforgiveness prevails.
On January 10, 2017 the split EP Ivory Stone / Hof was released in collaboration with Sinmara. The song material for the second album, which had been in production since 2016, but was then completely re-recorded professionally in the period from autumn 2017 to 2018 due to the limited means, was released on May 22nd, 2019 via Norma Gospel Diaboli. After the 2019 release garnered a lot of attention, the band went back into the studio in 2022 and released „Með hamri“ which was unanimously acclaimed by the music press. Accompanied by label mates Darvaza, Misþyrming are headlining now a Tour through Europe.
Featuring the talents of Italian multi-instrumentalist Omega (Fides Inversa, Chaos Invocation, Blut Aus Nord, Kult, Frostmoon Eclipse, Nubivagant) handling all instruments as always, and Norwegian voice of Death; Wraath (Behexen, Ritual Death, Mare, Celestial Bloodshed, Kaosritual and One Tail, One Head) handling the main vocal duties, Darvaza is indeed an unholy alliance forged in decay. After three EP’s via Terratur Possessions from Norway; „The Downward Descent“ (2015), „The Silver Chalice“ (2016) and „Darkness In Turmoil“ (2018), it’s time for their debut fullenght, entitled „Ascending Into Perdition“ (2022)! The album shows a natural progression for the band, with more focus on production and a varied, dynamic tracklist without ever straying away for what was always the foundation of the band.
No gimmicks, no bullshit; pure Black Metal Devotion.
Helleruin is a one man black metal project from the Netherlands. With ‘’Devils, Death and Dark Arts’’ prime mover Carchost delved deeper into his soul and arsenal to bring forth six compositions that are his most dark, intricate and melodic creations to date.
Wrang is a band from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Founded in 2013 by Valr and Galgenvot and playing live since 2015. Wrang is an amalgation of the past and present and about taking adversity head-on without excuse. In perpetual conflict between light and darkness, we defiantly stare death in the face and smile.
There are no new concepts or revolutionairy ideas; Wrang plays Domstad swart metael, without compromise.


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