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EXHORDER & NERVOSA – Thrash Metal at its finest.

Groove Thrash Legends EXHORDER will tour in support of their upcoming album ‘Defectum Omnium’, to be released in March via Nuclear Blast. Brazilian Thrashers NERVOSA will support or their latest album ‘Jailbreak’, released on Napalm Records.


Formed in 1986, Exhorder’s journey has proven exciting, yet tumultuous. Fraught with euphoric peaks and crippling valleys throughout its existence, the band debuted that summer with the do-it-yourself demo recording, “Get Rude”. Swiftly building a strong local following in the New Orleans punk rock scene, Exhorder entered a legitimate 24 track studio in 1987 and crafted their controversial classic demo, “Slaughter In The Vatican”. From there, the international attention the band drew via the world of underground tape-trading was indisputable. However, as fate would have it, the band broke up for the first time in early 1988 due to internal struggles. A reformation ensued later that year, and Exhorder set out once again to pursue its vision.

Following a series of lineup shifts, a second full-length entitled “The Law”, and multiple hiatuses, the band finally relaunched itself in 2017. Legends grow over time, and new generations emerge to keep them alive. With the demand of Exhorder at an all-time high, the band set out once again to finish the job they had not yet completed. The band played a series of club shows and festivals to immense interest. Subsequently, a deal with the Nuclear Blast label was quickly inked, and in 2019 Exhorder released their third offering, “Mourn The Southern Skies”. Rave reviews from critics and fans saw the band’s popularity increase yet again, so Exhorder set out on the road to packed venues and large festivals.

In the years that followed the relaunch of the band, Exhorder has toured extensively in both the United States and Europe. The reputation the band has carried as a force onstage continues to grow. With a new release in association with Nuclear Blast completed and set for release in 2024, Exhorder are plotting another busy year performing worldwide.



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